The debate over in-person learning has come largely at the expense of certain demographics & the message does more harm than help.

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Disclaimer: This originally started as an open letter to my Governor, Lawrence J. Hogan. While my focus, as well as this piece, has shifted to a need for us to reimagine education in this country as a whole, I still use much of my data & sources from the state of Maryland for support.

The reality is, it is not just in Maryland, but everywhere in the U.S. that education is not treated with the seriousness & total care for our youth that it rightfully deserves. …

A race this close should send a major red flag to the liberal establishment.

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“There’s something deeply wrong when working class Americans have that response to a major party that theoretically is supposed to be fighting for them. So you have to ask yourself ‘What has the Democratic Party been standing for in their minds’ and in their minds, the Democratic Party unfortunately has taken on this role of the coastal urban elites who are more concerned about policing various cultural issues than improving their way of life that has been declining for years.” — Andrew Yang

We’ve all seen…

The response to an act of solidarity in the 2020 NFL season opener shows the real outrage behind player protests.

The Kansas City Chiefs during a moment of solidarity with the Houston Texans prior to their season-opening football game on September 10, 2020. (Photo: Jamie Squire)

“There is no form of protest against racism that is acceptable to racists”
— Bernice King

Prior to the opening kickoff of the 2020 NFL Season, team members from the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans met in the center of the field in an act of solidarity, locking arms in silence to bring awareness to social injustices.

Only there wasn’t silence at all. The limited number of fans in the stadium chose to start booing their own defending Super Bowl Champions in response.

Colin Kaepernick, former NFL quarterback and activist, began these waves of boos when he knelt during…

The government is not trying to control you with a piece of cloth.

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The number of “government control” conspiracy theories linked to COVID-19 & wearing masks are getting out of hand.

As cases continue to spike nationwide and America has seen over 135,000 lives lost due to the coronavirus, resistance of one of the most simple “for the greater good” requests during a pandemic has become the new norm.

With this resistance, a disturbingly large number of public outbursts in rejection of wearing masks, even in private businesses, has emerged, many of which have gone viral on social media. This resistance has even been further emphasized by some in government, as Georgia governor…

As lawmakers, the media, and the President alike misconstrue the message, most people are waking up to a system that was built to fail.

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On June 6, 2015, a quarter after noon, Venida Browder would have to discover something that no mother would ever wish to see.

Her son, Kalief, had been home from Rikers Island for two years and was starting to get his life back in order. He was a student at Bronx Community College, boasting a 3.5 GPA. But the time Kalief spent at Rikers proved to be far too overbearing. After all, he was still a child when he entered Rikers. A sixteen year old, Kalief would spend three years on the island, two of which he spent in solitary…

We’ve been battling a public crisis long before the coronavirus.

Let me start by saying, I absolutely hate that this has to be my first ever Medium post

The past few weeks have almost helped me forget the fact that we’re deep in the middle of a public health crisis... almost. Even with restrictions being lifted and the proverbial curve beginning its supposed parabolic descent into the axis of freedom, I can only wonder if the positively-downward trend in our biological health crisis has only exposed and inflated the societal health crisis we were in long before COVID-19.

In less than a week, I’ve heard of four separate stories of…

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